Wednesday, May 13, 2009

How will people learn in future???

  • It offers a brief account of the (increasing) importance of innovation to economic and social success in the future.
  • It demonstrates that this points towards a ‘standards plus’ agenda, where higher skills – but also a wider set of skills and personal capabilities – are likely to be required of today’s young people when they reach the workplace.
  • It explores young people’s attitudes towards work and skills, arguing that they appear to be realists rather than dreamers: they see a tough world that rewards hard work, but seem less aware of the full set of skills and capabilities that are likely to be important in the future.
  • It identifies key influences on young people, in order to understand how young people’s world views are shaped at present – and where successful interventions might be targeted in the future.

Animal cruelty

Our teacher was show us a video on animal cruelty during the business communication. I feel terribleon it. This was a terrible crine that should not be done by human. This was a serious issue in our community. Those animal was suffer at the hands of negelcful owners. Animal are part of our life and also our best friend,we should respect to them but not maltreat them. Human have our own feeling animal do so.